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I am currently taking a break from work to write this post about work.  It’s not to complain about work so much as to remind myself to try to not burn out.  Easier said than done.

I worked 55 hours last week, and 37 hours already this week.  When I look at the numbers, they don’t seem that bad.  But when I think about everything I did in those hours, and all of the things I have to squeeze into the remaining 65 hours of my week (this assumes I get 6 hours of sleep on work nights and 9 hours on weekends, if I’m lucky), I realize there really are just not enough hours in a day.

That gives me an average of 9 hrs/day for personal things.  Like eating, appeasing friends with their requests, working out, cuddling with my kitty, calling the bank because they did something stupid (again!), paying bills, watching movies, writing on and perusing tumblr, etc. etc. etc…

p.s. my back hurts.

Alright.. now that I’ve quantified that like a true accountant… back to work!